First appearance: 2.4: Of Corsets, Secrets and True True Love
Davy Keith and his sister Dora were orphaned when their mother Mary passed away. With their uncle Willy in prison, Davy and Dora went to stay with their blood relative, Marilla Cuthbert, and her friend, Rachel Lynde at Green Gables.

The two siblings were complete opposites. While Davy was always getting into trouble, Dora was quiet and reserved. Dora was often stuck with the impossible task of keeping her brother out of trouble. Davy's mischievous behavior became a nuisance for Rachel Lynde, which threatened Rachel's life long friendship with Marilla.

After Rachel had an equally troublesome tooth removed, she was able to cope with Davy's behavior, which allowed the Keith twins to remain at Green Gables.

Much of Davy's problems in school were attributed to his inability to read. After Sara discovered Davy's illiteracy, she promised to help him develop his reading skills (5.4: A Friend in Need).

Despite Sara's tutoring, Davy continued to get into trouble. In 1909, Rachel Lynde suffered a stroke after seeing Davy playing on the roof.

She was taken to Saskatoon with her son, Robert, and the Keith twins stayed at Rose Cottage with Hetty King (6.5: The Trouble With Davy). Following another stroke, Rachel returned to Avonlea where the Keith children helped her recover.

Davy and Dora would continue to live with Rachel Lynde and Hetty King at Rose Cottage. In later years, Davy joined the military and fought in the first World War (Mentioned in Happy Christmas Miss King).


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