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November 20, 2017
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The series

Road to Avonlea is a Canadian television series produced by Sullivan Entertainment in association with the Disney Channel and CBC, with funding from Telefilm Canada. The series is loosely adapted from Lucy Maud Montgomery's novels The Story Girl and The Golden Road.  Read More


The series aired in Canada between January 7, 1990 and March 31, 1996 and began airing in the US on March 5, 1990.  The seven season ninety-one episode series was shown in 160 countries and became "the highest rated, longest running show in Canadian television history."  Read More


Set in the maritime village of Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, Road to Avonlea follows the lives of the King family at the beginning of the 20th century. The early seasons focus on the Story Girl, Sara Stanley, who goes to live with her maternal relatives after her father is accused of a corporate scandal. Central characters include Hetty King, Sara Stanley, Felicity King, Felix King, Cecily King, and Gus Pike.  Read More

Episode Spotlight

2.5: Old Quarrels, Old Love
Old rivalries flare when Hetty's childhood crush, Romney Penhallow, returns to Avonlea. Olivia struggles to keep the Chronicle open after Mr. Tyler is forced to shut the newspaper down.
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This Day in Avonlea History

November 20, 1914- Montgomery finished writing Anne of Redmond under great stress. The work would later be retitled Anne of the Island by publishers. 1952- James O'Reagan was born. O'Reagan played Constable Abner Jeffries in Road to Avonlea.

Quote of the Day

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